Ingiant Pneumatic Slip Ring For Crane

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Technical parameters

Passages According to requirement of customers
Thread M5
Flow hole size Φ4
Working medium compressed air
Working pressure 1.1 Mpa
Working speed ≤200rpm
Working temperature "-30℃~+80℃"

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Application Filed

Ingiant pneumatic slip rings are widely used in metallurgical machinery, rolling machinery, paper machinery, Capping machines, Mechanical handling, Lifting equipment, Cranes, fire trucks, Control systems, Robotics, Remote operated vehicles excavators and other special construction machinery.


Our advantage

1. Product advantage: Ingiant Pneumatic & Electric Rotary Union is specially designed for industrial automation equipment applications, which can prevent tubes winding problem well, provide 1~24 pneumatic passages and 1~200 wires power or signals.
High precision metal bearing support, smooth operation.
Ingiant special high speed and high pressure sealing structure, no sealing ring contact wear, Ensure the product runs without failure for a long time.
The high pressure and high speed sealing structure has low rotational torque.
The high pressure and high speed sealing structure adopts special gap sealing structure, which can produce frictionless heat during high speed operation.
Rotating torque is independent of working pressure and temperature.
Drain hole backflow design to prevent leakage to the external environment.
The body material can be made of aluminum alloy, stainless steel or brass according to different working conditions.
We can customize special products according to customers' working conditions and size.
The leakage of ML series high speed and high pressure rotary joint can be generally controlled within 200ml/min.

2. Company advantage: Owns complete mechanical processing equipment including a CNC processing center, with strict inspection and testing standards which can meet national military GJB standard and quality management system, moreover, Ingiant owns 27 kinds of technical patents of slip rings and rotary joints(include 26 untility model patents, 1 invention patent), so we have a big strength on R&D and production process. More than 60 workers with several years experience in workshop production, skilled in operation and production, can better guarantee product quality.

3. Excellent after-sales and technical support service: Customized, accurate and timely service for customers in terms of pre-sales, production, after-sales and product warrenty, our goods are guaranteed for 12 months from date of sale, under guaranteed time non human damage, free maintenance or replacement for quality problems arising from the products.

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