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The rotary joint is a pipe connecting device, and the connected pipes can rotate relatively.
It can be used to transmit compressed air, liquid, oil and other media.
The product is designed with compact structure and adopts flange or through-hole connection, which can be effectively integrated into customer equipment.

The rotary joint is a closed structure rotary connector for 360 degree rotating transmission medium.
According to the application type, it can be divided into: hydraulic rotary joint, high-pressure rotary joint, multi-channel rotary joint, high-speed rotary joint, high-temperature rotary joint, single channel rotary joint, special rotary joint, led special rotary joint, excavator special rotary joint, machine tool special rotary joint, etc.

The products are widely used in metallurgy, machine tools, power generation, petroleum, rubber, plastics, textiles, printing and dyeing, pharmaceuticals, cigarettes, papermaking, food and beverage, feed processing and other fields.

In papermaking equipment, rotary joint is mainly used for drying cylinder, steaming ball, coater, calender, etc.

In rubber and plastic equipment, rotary joints are mainly used for calenders, screw extruders, mixing mixers, kneaders, rotary and laminating presses, drum automatic vulcanizers and flat vulcanizers for rubber, injection molding machines, internal mixers, foaming agents, sheet makers, refiners, dryers, lacquer cloth machines, lacquer paper machines, etc.

Jiujiang Ingiant Technology produces high-quality rotary joints with high-quality bearings and seals. Products can be made of stainless steel, pure copper, 235q carbon steel, etc.

Rotational speed, working medium, working pressure, channel number and connection size can be customized.

Product maintenance

1. The rotating joint drum and the inside of the pipe shall be kept clean. Special attention shall be paid to new equipment. If necessary, a filter shall be added to avoid abnormal wear of rotating joints caused by foreign matters.

2. As the machine will not be used for a long time, it will cause scaling and rusting inside the rotary joint. Please note that if the machine is reused, it will get stuck or drip.

3. If there is an oil filling device, please fill oil regularly to ensure the reliability of the rotating joint bearing.

4. The rotating joint of fluid medium shall be gradually heated to avoid sudden temperature change.

5. Check the wear condition and thickness change of the sealing surface (generally, the normal wear is 5--10mm); Observe the friction track of the sealing surface to see if there are three intermittent points, scratches and other problems. If there is any problem, replace it immediately.

6. The rotary joint shall be handled with care and shall not be impacted to avoid loss of joint components.

7. It is forbidden for foreign matters to enter the inside of the rotary joint.

8. Do not idle the rotary joint for a long time.


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