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Rotary joint can be define to:
Coupling - a mechanical sealing device used to connect two shafts together at their ends for the purpose of transmitting power, including flexible couplings
Rotary union - a coupling for passing fluid and gas through a rotating joint
Slip ring assembly, used to send electrical power and signals across a rotating connection
Waveguide rotary joint, used to send microwave power and signals across a rotating connection
Integrated Truss Structure#Solar alpha rotary joint, in the International Space Station.


Jiujiang Ingiant Technology rotary unions are available with two different balanced and microlapped sealing assemblies:
O Seal (Standard Sealing) with carbon graphite to carbide seals for application with filtered water.
N Seal (Heavy duty sealing) with carbide to carbide seals for poor filtrated water or abrasive fluids.
Fluid pressure over 8 bar is allowed only when the fluid is cool water at max temperature 125°F (50°C). Do not use the unions at max application limits without consulting from Ingiant.
Rotary joints are mechanical sealing components used to transfer fluids from a stationary source into rotating cylinders of machinery. Rotary joints enable transfer of the fluids used to heat and cool.

Rotary Unions (also: Rotary Joints, Rotating Unions) are required for the transfer of media between stationary and rotating machine parts in almost all branches of industry.
Media e. g. oil, water, grease, emulsion as well as (compressed) air, gas or vacuum.
According to the numerous applications, different requirements are placed on a Rotary Union.

Your benefits with Ingiant Rotary Unions

  • High plant availability thanks to durable products
  • Increased production rates through innovative, advanced technology
  • No component exchange when using different media
  • Combined systems: hydraulic + pneumatic + electric

Jiujiang Ingiant Technology is a manufacturer of highly advanced Rotary Unions. We use sealing technologies that have proven our worth for decades.

Further to an extensive range of standard products, we also provide individual solutions as your competent partner.


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