Ingiant Fiber Optic Slip Ring For Antennas

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The main parameters

Bandwidth ±100nm Maximum rotating speed 2000 RPM
Wavelength range 650~1550nm Life expectancy >200 million round(1000 rpm/365 days continuous)
Maximum insertion loss <1.5dB Working temperature (-20~+60℃)(-40~+85℃ optional)
Insertion loss variation <0.5dB Storage temperature (-40~+85℃ )
Return loss ≥30dB Weight 15g
Withstanding power ≤23dBm Vibration and shock standard GJB150
Tensile capacity ≤12N Protection level IP54 (IP65、IP67 optional)

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Application Filed

Intelligent robots,engineering machinery,Satellite communication systems, medical treatment equipment, ethernet systems , radar antennas, HD network monitoring systems, magnetic llutches,process control equipment, rotation sensors, emergency lighting equipment, defense,and camera technology,Optical fiber reels, unmanned vehicles, aerostat mobile platforms, submarine towed optical cables, defense, security, etc.


Our advantage

1) Product advantage: Optical fiber slip ring uses optical fiber as the data transmission medium to provide reliable transmission and the best solution for connecting signals and data in the rotating parts of the equipment. Ingiant fiber optic slip rings can be from single mode to 12 channels, and have unique advantages for transmitting high-frequency signals and high-speed digital signals. They can also be used in combination with electric slip rings, which are easy to install and form a transmission power, low-frequency signal and high-frequency signal. The organic combination system of the frequency signal.

2) Company advantage: Owns complete mechanical processing equipments including a CNC processing center, with strict inspection and testing standards which can meet national military GJB standard and quality management system, moreover, Ingiant owns 27 kinds of technical patents of slip rings and rotary joints(include 26 untility model patents, 1 invention patent), so we have a big strength on R&D and production process. More than 60 workers with several years experience in workshop production, skilled in operation and production, can better guarantee product quality.

3) Excellent after-sales and technical support service: Customized, accurate and timely service for customers in terms of pre-sales, production, after-sales and product warrenty, our goods are guaranteed for 12 months from date of sale, under guaranteed time non human damage, free maintenance or replacement for quality problems arising from the products.

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