Single Channel Gigabit Ethernet Optical Transceiver

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Technical Parameters

Physical interface:    1-way, shielded super class V RJ45 seat, automatic turnover (Atuo MDI/MDIX)
Connecting cable:    Category 5 unshielded twisted pair
Electrical interface:  It supports and is compatible with 1000M, full duplex or half duplex Ethernet standards of international IEEE802.3 and ieee802.3u, and supports TCP and IP protocols

Specific indicators of optical interface

Optical fiber interface:     SC/PC optional
Light wavelength:         Emission: 1270nm; Receiving: 1290nm (Optional)
Communication distance:   0~5KM
Fiber type:               single mode single fiber (Optional)
Size:                    76(L) x 70(W) x 28(H)mm (Optional)
Working temperature:     -40~+85°C, 20~90RH%+
Working voltage:          5VDC

Appearance Diagram and Signal Definition Description


Indicator light description
PWR:   Power indicator light is on when the power is connected normally
+:      DC power supply “+”
- :      DC power supply “-”
FIB     Optical fiber interface
100/1000M:   Ethernet interface
There are two lights on the Ethernet RJ45 port:
Yellow light:  Ethernet link indicator light, on means the link is normal, flashing with data
Green light:  Optical fiber link indicator/activity light, on means the link is normal, flashing is data transmission

The optical transceiver can be used on field weapon system, radar monitoring system, marine battleship system, and so on.

Application Description

Field KVM optical transceivers are specially used for remote control of field operations, with extremely low latency and reliable performance guarantee. The chassis are all reinforced and waterproof and dustproof, suitable for remote KVM control data access in hard outdoor environments. The transmitted data is mainly 1394, USB, PS/2, DVI and other signals.

Product Description

Support 1394, DVI, USB, PS/2 and other signal composite transmission.
Very low transmission delay.
Miniaturized design, easy to carry in the field.
Highly reliable and robust connector.
High-level IP waterproof and dustproof packaging grade, anti-acid, alkali and salt spray corrosion, anti-vibration.
Built-in surge and electrostatic protection, tree-level lightning protection design.
Strong anti-electromagnetic interference ability.
Can be customized.

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