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With the progress of social science and technology and more and more applications of LED screen, it will be applied to rotating LED display screen in some large open occasions. The conductive slip ring is an important component of LED rotating screen. Its function is to prevent the winding of wires, realize 360 degree rotation and conduction, and complete the transmission of signal current at the same time.

Led rotary screen generally needs to rotate to transmit video signals and drive the power current of the screen. Ingiant technology can produce HDMI high-definition slip rings for 4K display screens. According to the display screen video transmission technology adopted by the customer, if the signal is transmitted by network cable, Yingzhi technology Gigabit Ethernet slip ring can be used.

If VGA or HDMI is used to transmit video, Ingiant technology high-speed broadband bus conductive slip ring can be used.

HDMI is a high-definition multimedia interface. It adopts digital video and audio interfacetechnology. It is a special digital interface suitable for image transmission. It can transmit audio and video signals at the same time. It is widely used.HDMI slip ring can be used in military field in addition to LED display, so that soldiers can truly experience the battlefield environment visually and audibly; Or applied to the simulation industry, virtual reality technology can simulate the real environment, so that users can get realistic feelings, such as the game field, education and training, telemedicine, online shopping and so on.

Jiujiang Ingiant technology can also provide SDI high-definition slip ring, which can simultaneously transmit electrical signals, high-definition video signals and high-speed digital signals to meet the requirements of electromagnetic compatibility.

Ingiant have special technology to avoid the signals interference, please provide your required specifications, so we can provide solution for you accordingly.


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