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Due to the limited installation size of some customers, Ingiant technology customized the thin-walled through-hole slip ring according to customer needs. The product has a very low thickness and stable working transmission efficiency. It is used for low-speed operation.



The main parameters

Number of circuits 21 channels Working temperature “-40℃~+65℃"
Rated current 10A Working humidity <70%
Rated voltage 0~240 VAC/VDC Protection level IP54
Insulation resistance ≥1000MΩ @500VDC Housing material Aluminum Alloy
Insulation strength 1500 VAC@50Hz,60s,2mA Electrical contact material Precious metal
Dynamic resistance variation <10MΩ Lead wire specification Colored Teflon insulated & tinned stranded flexible wire
Rotating speed 0~100rpm Lead wire length 500mm + 20mm

Large diameter thin wall slip rings represent the union of manufacturing processes and technologies that enable Ingiant to offer large, high volume slip rings with advanced features that are cost effective. The manufacturing processes allow the slip ring to be built in an assembly line fashion that significantly reduces delivery time and price.


  • Platter or drum configuration
  • Diameters exceeding 40 inches (1.0 m)
  • Rotational speeds to 100 rpm
  • Power rings rated up to 1000 V
  • Power rings rated up to 300 amp
  • Quiet mechanical system operation
  • Low maintenance requirements
  • Multiple brush tip options with minimal debris
  • Capability of adding integral encoder, multiplexer, fiber optic rotary joint and non-contacting data link
  • Multiplexing: multiple bidirectional signals to minimize ring count
  • Encoder: capable of >15,000 counts

The customized Slip Ring can be fully designed based on requirements from the customer. We implement different technologies to comply with our customer’s specifications.
We can and offer contacting and non-contacting solutions for all types of electrical power, electrical signals and data, optical signals, media (fluid, gas) and combinations of all these transmission technologies.
We can also design and test to comply with special requirements for the environmental specification such as; EMC, Temperature, Shock and Vibration, MIL-STD, Certification: DNV, ATEX, IECEX etc.


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