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Ingiant pneumatic slip ring is combination of electrical circuits(Power/signal) and pneumatic/ hydraulic transmission when 360°Rotating; Compact structure, circuits can be Ethernet, Ethercat, profibus, profinet, canbus, devicenet, and so on.

Number of Circuits, Housing material, IP class, Higher operating speed, Cable length, Connectors, Special cables, Salt mist proof, Operating temperature, Housing can be mounted upside down.

Typical Applications

Industrial machinery-machining centers, rotary index table; Heavy equipment turrets, cable reels, test equipments; Packaging machines, palletizing machines, magnetic clutch, process equipment; Rotary sensors, emergency lighting, robotics; Exhibit/display equipment, medical equipment.



Item No.: DHK035-6-2Q
Inner diameter: 35mm
Outer diameter: 99mm
Weight: 1.25kg
Construction: through hole, shaft install
Electric contact material: Gold-Gold, Silver-Silver, Fiber brush – Ring
Working speed: 0~300RPM
Current: 2A per channel
Voltage: 0~480V, can be customized
Number of Channels: 2 channels of compressed air, 6 channels for signal wire, can be customized
Connector: lead wires and terminals
Customized installation method, continous transmit power & signal for industrial equipment


Ingiant is a professional customized slip ring manufacturer, with experienced engineer, QC, and workers team.
Slip ring is designed to use to transmit power, signal or data, pneumatically or hydraulically from a stationary to a rotating platform.
It also can be defined to something that goes around an axle like a collar that has 2 ports on it, the inside ports rotates independent of the outside one, so that it is possible to attach a motor or sensor on a rotating platform without the wire winding.


We can make IP51~IP65 slip ring for ships, harbor equipment, test equipment and some application which has water or moisture environment, to transmit precision signal, electric power, data etc.

Customized Signal type

Solenoid valve, PLC, RS485/232/422, Thermocouple, Sensor, Pulse signal, Encoder, Servo system, CANBUS, Profibus, CC-Link, USB2.0, Ethernet, Gigabit, Video, Voice etc.


Compact size, high precision, low maintenance, low electric noise, low torque, long lifespan.


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