Why is the price of explosion-proof conductive slip ring higher than that of ordinary conductive slip ring?

At present, the price difference of explosion-proof conductive slip rings on the market is too large. If the price of explosion-proof conductive slip rings is too low, be careful about the quality problem. The explosion-proof conductive slip ring of Ingiant Technology Co., Ltd. is safe and reliable. It has passed the explosion-proof certification many times, and the explosion-proof slip ring will not affect the normal operation of the equipment The explosion-proof conductive slip ring is a special slip ring with higher material requirements and higher cost. If the customer only values the price and chooses the low price slip ring, there will be a great potential safety hazard

The dust-proof explosion-proof conductive slip ring of Jiujiang Ingiant Technology Co., Ltd. is a kind of conductive slip ring with high reliability and high protection level, which is specially used in explosive environment. The dust explosion is extremely destructive. The scope of dust explosion is very wide, and improper protection of coal, chemical, pharmaceutical processing, wood processing, grain and feed processing equipment occurs from time to time. Dust explosion refers to that when dust meets heat source (open fire or temperature) within the explosion limit, the flame instantly spreads to the whole mixed dust space, the chemical reaction speed is extremely fast, and a large amount of heat is released at the same time, forming a very high temperature and great pressure. The energy of the system is converted into mechanical work and light and heat radiation, which has a strong destructive force.

Dust is easy to cause secondary explosion. The second explosion is caused by the afterfire of the first explosion. During the second explosion, the dust concentration is generally much higher than that during the first explosion, so the power of the second explosion is much greater than that of the first explosion. For example, in a sulfur powder plant, an explosion occurred inside the grinder, and the explosion wave spread from the grinder to the cyclone along the gas pipeline. A secondary explosion occurred in the cyclone separator. The explosion wave spread to the workshop through the crack on the cyclone separator after the explosion, raising the sulfur dust falling on the buildings and process equipment, and causing explosion.

With the development of science and technology, more and more industrial equipment needs explosion-proof slip rings. Ingiant Technology is a professional slip ring manufacturer, which can ensure the quality of slip rings. Our Shengtu explosion-proof conductive slip rings have been certified for many times, safe and reliable The explosion-proof slip ring is structurally guaranteed not to become a hidden danger of explosive binding, and has the characteristics of not producing explosive binding and not transmitting explosive binding.

Post time: Oct-28-2022