What’s the main performance parameters of conductive slip ring should be paid attention to?

The conductive slip ring is an extremely important component in the automation control system, which is responsible for providing the system with energy and information transmission channels. Therefore, its performance parameters and quality, as well as factors affecting quality, quality control become particularly important. Its performance is directly related to the stability and even normal operation of the entire system. The following is a brief introduction to the main electrical properties of the slip ring by Jiujiang Ingiant Technology. So that you can make a more comprehensive evaluation and selection when selecting the slip ring.

Firstly, the electrical contact performance of the slip ring

The function of the slip ring is to electrically connect to transmit power and signal, and it must have excellent electrical contact performance. Since the contact method of the conductive slip ring is an electrical sliding contact, it needs to have wear resistance and electrical corrosion resistance.

Through the above points, we can find that the conductive slip ring contacts need to have the characteristics of excellent electrical conductivity, good wear resistance and strong galvanic corrosion resistance. We know that the best conductivity is Ag, followed by Cu, Au, Al... But these metals have low hardness and poor wear resistance. In order to make up for this shortcoming, we will add other metal elements to these metals according to the actual application requirements. To increase material hardness to enhance wear resistance, alloy material. In addition to the performance of the material itself, we also need to pay attention to the smoothness of the contact surface. A rough contact surface or a flaw on the contact surface will affect the transmission effect of the electric slip ring.

Secondly, the anti-interference of the conductive slip ring.

Slip rings need to transmit a variety of different signals in a limited space, including high-frequency alternating current, high-voltage alternating current, high-current alternating current, and weak direct-current small signals. interference, resulting in distortion of the transmitted information. For general magnetic interference, we use electromagnetic shielding; for electrical interference, we use electric field shielding, etc. to reduce interference.

The third one, Insulation performance of electric slip ring

The insulation performance is the safety performance of the slip ring, including the insulation between the rings, the insulation between the ring and the casing, the insulation between the wires, the insulation between the ring and the wires, the insulation between the loop and the wire and the casing, and the insulation performance depends on the insulating material. Depending on the production process and use environment of the slip ring, the material and shape of the insulating material we use are different for different production processes. Usually we need to consider the insulation, aging resistance, water absorption, fire rating, High temperature resistance and mechanical strength. Choosing the right insulating material for different applications is critical.

The above aspects are the key factors that we need to consider when choosing the slip ring.

Post time: Jun-06-2022