What is the effect of dynamic resistance on conductive slip rings?

The conductive slip ring is good or bad. There are many ways to judge whether the conductive slip ring is good or bad. One of the important parameters is the dynamic resistance. The dynamic resistance of the conductive slip ring is the dynamic contact resistance between the brush and the ring. The dynamic resistance refers to the fluctuation range of the resistance between the rotor and the stator in a path of the conductive slip ring under the working condition of the conductive slip ring, which can be measured with a micro ohm microvoltmeter. The dynamic resistance of the slip ring is sometimes a fluctuating value, which is caused by the selection of insulating materials of the conductive slip ring, electroplating of the metal ring surface, or foreign matters between the slip ring surface and the brush, insufficient pressure, virtual contact, etc.

Jiujiang Ingiant Technology Co., Ltd. has a deep understanding of customers' needs and years of experience in slip ring production, enabling us to grasp the advantages and disadvantages of various materials and control the balance point between slip ring contact resistance and life. Our universal slip ring dynamic contact resistance is dozens of milliohms (different slip ring types, slightly different).

The fluctuation value of the dynamic resistance of the conductive slip ring will affect the accuracy of the signal transmission of the conductive slip ring. Therefore, the electroplating treatment of the metal ring surface should be controlled during the raw material procurement. The ring surface of Ingiant Technology uses thick military grade electroplating. When producing the slip ring, there are strict requirements on the cleaning of the contact surface and the pressure between the brush and the slip ring.

As the insulator material affects the dynamic resistance of the slip ring and plays an extremely important role in the slip ring, the following points have always been referred to in the selection of the insulator of the smart electric slip ring: the mechanical strength of the insulating material; Processing performance of insulating materials; Insulation strength of insulating materials; Water absorption and moisture resistance of materials.

Ingiant Technology slip ring has a variety of mature solutions and cases to meet the different needs of customers. Based on years of production and design experience, we can grasp the advantages and disadvantages of various materials, control the reasonable balance point between contact resistance and life, and optimize the design. Over the past ten years, we have developed and mass produced highly reliable conductive slip rings. The explosion-proof slip ring product was upgraded and the updated explosion-proof certificate 2018-01-16 was obtained. The explosion-proof conductive slip ring, also known as explosion-proof slip ring, explosion-proof collector ring and explosion-proof collector ring, is a highly reliable slip ring designed for explosive environments.

The certificate of explosion-proof products is valid for five years. It has been five years since Ingiant obtained the explosion-proof certificate of explosion-proof slip ring in 2012. During the five years, the relevant explosion-proof national standards have been updated, our explosion-proof slip ring has also been improved many times, and the explosion-proof conductive slip ring is more mature and reliable. Through continuous safety learning, we are also deeply aware of the importance of safe production, which further strengthens our determination to make highly reliable slip rings.

We believe that our slip rings can better serve the special environment and provide customers with safe and reliable electrical connections.

Post time: Nov-30-2022