What is a high-speed slip ring? High speed slip ring manufacturer

What is a high-speed slip ring? High-speed slip ring manufacturers say that slip rings are interface terminals that connect two relatively rotating devices. The purpose is to prevent wire twisting during 360° rotation during the transmission of electrical signals. A high-speed slip ring requires a very fast rotation speed, keeping up with the speed requirements of the equipment, and a slip ring with stable performance and reliable transmission without packet loss.


Improving efficiency and reducing energy consumption are ways to increase production and revenue. Therefore, many companies use high-precision precision equipment to reduce the probability of machine equipment failure. These precision slip rings are not ordinary slip rings, but high-quality, high-speed slip rings. The ring can stably transmit signals under high-speed operation, greatly reducing equipment failures caused by slip rings, thereby reducing the economic losses of enterprises.

High-speed slip rings are also indispensable in the military field and have become one of the important basic components. The rotation speed of ordinary conductive slip rings is not higher than 1,000 rpm and the service life is not more than 10 million rpm. However, in applications such as high-speed rail, aerospace engines, and high-speed weapons, real-time monitoring and control of equipment information is required, so the performance of conductive slip rings is Rotation speed and lifespan put forward higher requirements. The speed of such high-speed, long-life conductive slip rings needs to be higher than 12,000 rpm, and the lifespan needs to be greater than 100 million rpm.

In view of the urgent demand for high-speed slip rings in various industries, high-speed slip rings have also emerged. Slip ring manufacturers have produced high-speed slip rings with different speeds and shapes to meet their needs. If necessary, please contact Ingiant Technology.

Post time: May-24-2024