The function of filling machine slip ring

      Filling machine slip ring is a device used to transmit liquid or gas and is widely used in filling production lines in various industries. Its main function is to enable the filling machine to supply materials in an infinite cycle with the rotation of the filling head during operation, while ensuring that the liquid or gas is not restricted during the transmission process.

      The filling machine slip ring mainly consists of a stator, a rotor and an internal channel for transmitting media. When the filling machine starts running, the stator is fixed on the main body of the filling machine and does not move, while the rotor rotates accordingly as the filling head rotates. The channels inside the rotor can be connected to the outside world to realize the transportation of liquid or gas.


The filling machine slip ring is the key equipment to ensure the normal operation of the filling machine. It has the following important functions:

  1. Stable transmission medium: The slip ring transmits liquid or gas from the supply pipe to the filling head through the internal channel, ensuring stable flow of the medium during the filling process and avoiding problems such as flow interruption or overflow.
  2. Keep the material supply continuous: The slip ring can supply materials in an infinite cycle as the filling head rotates, ensuring that the required medium is continuously provided to the filling machine and avoiding the suspension or interruption of the filling operation due to insufficient material supply.
  3. Saving resources: The design of the filling slip ring can effectively save the usage of media such as liquid or gas, reduce waste, and improve production efficiency.

slip ring application 3


Post time: Mar-06-2024