Successful production of large size disc type conductive slip ring of Ingiant Technology

Recently, the large-sized disc slip ring developed by our company for a foreign-funded company was successfully produced. After testing, all performance parameters met the expected design parameters, and the operation was normal. The performance was similar to that of the imported slip ring purchased by the previous customer, and the cost was greatly reduced.

Two months ago, we obtained the demand of the foreign company and learned that it needs to use large size disc slip rings in a key project. The disc slip rings are required to operate at high speed and high voltage. Imported slip rings of the same specification have long delivery time, high price and delayed communication with customers. Therefore, we hope to purchase or make them domestically. After preliminary experimental analysis, we give up the intention of making them ourselves and turn to domestic slip ring manufacturers to assist in completing the slip ring project.

After nearly a week of communication, the technical capacity and production level of Ingiant Technology were recognized by the customer, and we successfully reached a contract with the customer to purchase the slip ring.

Thanks to the good and reasonable structure, the production of the slip ring is exceptionally smooth, overcoming the possible deformation, non concentricity, unstable ring and other shortcomings of the large size disc slip ring. The first batch of slip rings were all successful together, and the parameters fully met our expectations, which was recognized by customers.

Post time: Oct-14-2022