Slip ring housing material selection

The selection of conductive slip ring housing materials has the following principles:
1. Must meet the needs of the on-site working environment, such as: high temperature environment, corrosive environment, etc.
2. The working speed and material strength must be considered. If the working speed is high, it will generate large vibration and centrifugal force, and there must be materials with sufficient strength to make the shell.
3 The manufacturability must be considered. The plastic shell can be mass-produced at low cost because it is convenient for mold making.
4. The production cost must be considered, combined with the closest profile.
Different materials are suitable for different customer needs. At present, the commonly used slip ring housing materials are plastic, metal, etc.
Generally speaking, most of the low-cost slip rings use plastic casings, and the high-demand slip rings use metal casings.
Except for the cap-type slip ring, the slip rings of Yingzhi Technology are all metal casings. The conductive slip rings use aluminum alloy casings in conventional environments, and stainless steel materials are used in corrosive environments.

Post time: Sep-09-2022