Slip Ring Development History


As a more than 15 years experienced customized slip ring manufacturer, Ingiant knows the slip ring technology history very well. Today we would like to introduce the 3 generations of slip ring technology to our valued customers.


1. First generation is carbon brush slip ring, the advantage and shortcoming is as below:

Carbon brush slip ring Advantage:

Cost effective

Fast line speed

Can make to very large size

Apply to large current situation

Maintenance in regular time

Carbon brush slip ring Shortcoming:

Only can transfer current, cannot transfer signal and data

High electric contact resistance

Big noise

Large volume

Ablation in large current, high temperature situation


2. Second generation is single brush(Monofilament) slip ring, it’s a single brush contact with a V-groove, Ingiant can make customized monofilament slip ring per customers requirements, the advantage and shortcoming is as below:

Monofilament slip ring Advantage:

Low noise

Free maintenance

Low torque

Good electrical performance

Signal transfer

Very compact size

Monofilament slip ring shortcoming:

Only can use in low speed situation, cannot work with high speed

Poor shock resistance

Cannot load with large current

Heat dissipation performance just so so

Working lifespan shorter than bundle metal brush slip ring

Cost higher than carbon brush and bundle metal brush, as it’s gold-gold electric contact, mostly for laboratory

Insulation and withstand voltage performance just so so


3. The third generation of technology is fiber bundle brush technology, Ingiant with mature experience on make 3 generation slip ring, the advantage and shortcoming is as below:

Fiber bundle brush slip ring Advantage:

Stable contact point electrical performance

Low torque

Multi point contact, long working lifespan

Silver or gold material for electric contact

Stable signal/data transfer

Low electric noise


Ingiant fiber bundle brush slip ring shortcoming:

Cost higher than carbon brush slip ring, lower than monofilament slip ring

Protection level only can make IP65, cannot make IP68 steep in water work

Size bigger than monofilament slip ring, but much smaller than carbon brush type

Post time: Dec-10-2022