Joint combined electric slip ring

RF rotary joint slip ring
RF rotary joint combined slip ring
Radio Frequency rotary joint slip ring

The RF rotary joint design adopts the principle of high-frequency signal skin effect and coaxial cable structure simulation, which is used to transmit high-speed data and analog signals in continuous rotating devices. This type of slip ring can be divided into single-channel and multi-channel. The analog signal above 30-500MHZ also supports high frequency signal and control signal 24V, communication, power supply, fluid mixed transmission medium.

As picture shows a single-channel high-frequency rotary joint customized by Yingzhi Technology for customers, with a maximum transmission rate of up to 40GHz. In order to ensure low damage and reliable transmission of RF rotary joints and high-frequency signals, we have key internal contact points in the RF rotary joint Imported high-elastic wear-resistant materials are used, and special electroplating is done on the surface.

Specially designed for radio frequency signal transmission, the highest frequency can reach 40GHz

Coaxial contact design makes the connector have an ultra-wide bandwidth and no cut-off frequency

Multi-contact structure, effectively reducing relative jitter

The overall size is small, the connector is plugged and used, and it is easy to install

Can be customized specifications

Rated current and voltage

Rated rotating speed

Operating temperature

Number of Channels

Housing material and color


Dedicated wire

Wire exit direction

Wire length

Terminal type

Main features:

compact size to meet the needs of product miniaturization;

dual precision rolling bearing support, low torque, long life;

can transmit power data signals;

a variety of specifications of flanges are convenient to choose;

gold-gold contacts, extremely low contact resistance;

Compatible with data bus protocol;

smooth operation;

low torque

Application fields:

1. Radar antenna, multi-axis three-dimensional space simulator

2. Antenna turntable with radio frequency signal, high-definition turntable supporting HD-SDI such as 1080P, 1080I

3. Multifunctional integration supporting HD-SDI such as 1080P, 1080I Machine (high-speed ball)

4. CCTV/camera equipment, test equipment, traffic control, defense system

5. Surgical lights, centrifugal test benches, separators, etc.

Post time: Jul-12-2021