Introduction to the design of high current conductive slip rings

Today I would like to share with you an introduction to the design of high-current conductive slip rings. Since the device that transmits high currents, the first consideration is the contact and installation method of the contact materials and brushes to ensure that the high-current conductive slip rings are in working condition. Contact reliability and longevity.

Secondly, the installation of conductive slip rings can ensure normal installation. The main components of a conductive slip ring are the ring body and the brush. The ring body and the brush are the key components of the conductive slip ring. The surface is plated as the electrical contact material. The brushes mainly include flake brushes and linear brushes, as well as non-ferrous metals, Brush blocks made of graphite. Produces high current density and minimal wear, but has greater resistance. The sheet brush is more suitable for use in high-speed environments. The linear brush filaments have excellent elasticity and conductive properties.


      Based on the above characteristics of various brushes, the type of brush can be determined according to the size of the current. Insulators can use PBT as the insulating material. PBT has excellent dielectric properties, chemical resistance, fatigue resistance and lubrication properties. In terms of mechanical structure, the large current characteristics of the conductive slip ring need to be considered, and the electrical insulation, installation, and maintenance performance need to be fully considered during design.

Advantages of high current conductive slip ring products:

  1. Use top imported graphite alloy;
  2. The current can be as high as several hundred amperes;
  3. Compatible with data bus protocol;
  4. Extra long life, maintenance-free and no lubrication required;
  5. 360° continuous rotation to transmit power or data signals;
  6. Compact appearance;

High current conductive slip ring options:

  1. Number of channels;
  2. Signals and power can be transmitted separately or mixed;
  3. Current and voltage;
  4. Wire length;
  5. Connection terminals;
  6. Protection level;
  7. Outgoing line direction;

We can customize slip rings with different shaft diameters, specifications, currents, number of channels, rotational speeds, protection levels and other parameters according to customer requirements. Widely used in electromechanical equipment such as security, automation, electric power, instrumentation, chemical industry, metallurgy, medical treatment, aviation, military, ships, and transportation.

Post time: Jan-15-2024