Features of large size disc slip ring

Disk slip rings are also called disk conductive slip rings, end face slip rings or disk collector rings, disk collector rings, radial slip rings, etc.

The disc slip ring is specially designed for the rotation system with restrictions in the height direction. The rotor part of the disc slip ring uses a circle of concentric rings to carry the current and signal (similar to the above figure). The brushes are distributed on the top of the concentric rings as the stator, or vice versa. The rings shall be isolated with insulating materials. When the brush part rotates relative to the ring component of the slip ring, the brush always contacts the surface of the ring to realize the rotary connection function.

Ingiant Technology has accumulated rich experience in developing and producing highly reliable conductive slip rings for many years, especially in large size slip rings, effectively improving product quality and yield, and saving costs for customers.

The large size disc slip ring produced for a large equipment company this time has broken through the size limit of the traditional process, making the outer diameter of the product exceed 1.8 meters at one stroke. According to this process, the slip ring size can exceed 5 meters, and effectively control the flatness and smoothness of the slip ring, improve the stability of the equipment and the life of the slip ring and brush, and reduce the use cost of customers.

When large size disc slip ring is working, its linear speed is high. The flatness and smoothness of the ring surface are very important. It may cause abnormal noise, shorten the life of the brush, or interrupt power and signal transmission.

Ingiant Technology optimizes the design and adopts multiple processes to ensure the reliability of large diameter slip rings, and the flatness and finish reach the international level. No wonder it will win the trust of big international companies!

Post time: Nov-16-2022