Application of slip ring in urban sewage treatment system


Municipal sewage treatment system is like a city's kidney, the daily urban sewage and industrial sewage, through a series of complex biological, chemical, physical treatment methods, to meet the environmental requirements of water quality standards. Sewage treatment system sedimentation tank needs to install a scraper bridge, the bridge operation by conductive slip ring to provide power supply, control signal connection.

The sliding ring is installed in the rotating center of the equipment, which is divided into rotor and stator. The rotating part is connected with the rotor of the sliding ring, and the fixed part is connected with the rotor of the sliding ring. Installation must keep the conductive slip ring unloaded, rotor and stator to maintain a part of the movable connection, so as to avoid rotor and stator in the installation process of different concentricity caused damage, the connection wire is strictly prohibited to pull. Settlement tanks are usually effective for high humidity and corrosion, so conductive slip rings usually need waterproof and anticorrosion design, or in addition to the conductive ring protection, to avoid conductive slip ring failure or short circuit.

Post time: Dec-23-2022