Key factors affecting slip ring quality


The position of the manifold ring in various automatic control systems determines the importance of the quality control of the manifold ring. Firstly, we need to make a systematic analysis of the working principle, internal structure and usage of the slip ring from the technical level, and find out the key factors affecting the quality of the slip ring.

According to the working principle of the confluence ring, we can know that the slip ring belongs to sliding contact. The friction in the sliding process will cause the wear of the contact surface. The wear condition of the slip ring determines its working life. The smaller the wear, the longer the life of the slip ring. But the smaller the wear, the better? Through a large number of experiments in Shenzhen Jiujiang Yingzhi Electronics, it can be seen that different materials have different mechanical wear resistance and contact force on the wear resistance of materials. The hardness, friction coefficient, corrosion resistance and current density of the material determine the wear of the electro-slip ring during operation.

Secondly, the larger contact force will also wear the slip ring prematurely, but too small contact force may also cause contact resistance to increase, or even spark. To control slip ring wear, the stable transmission of the slip ring must be guaranteed. Material selection and production process become the key to quality control of slip ring. The material determines the wear resistance of the electric slip ring, and the production process ensures that the stress points are uniform at different angles. Of course, we also need to consider the problem of material matching in different applications, in order to optimize the performance of conductive slip rings.

Post time: Jan-10-2023