Application of Slip Ring in Industrial Fields


As an electrical component in the field of industrial equipment that communicates with rotating bodies, transmits energy and signals, conductive slip rings have been widely used. The basic principle is to use the sliding or rolling of the conductive mechanical parts to transfer electrical energy or electrical signals between the contacting rotating parts and the stationary parts, that is, while the mechanical equipment rotates 360° continuously, the rotating body also needs to transmit electrical signals. or power supply, sometimes, it is also necessary to control the signal source, such as optical fiber signal, high-frequency signal, etc., any relatively continuously rotating electrical components need to transmit different energy media such as power supply, weak current signal, optical signal, etc., to ensure that the electrical appliance rotates Technological equipment that can move freely at the same time must use a rotating communication device. The conductive slip ring is composed of slip ring, rotor, electric contact stator, etc. The slip ring is sleeved on the rotor, and the signal and current of the two relative rotating mechanisms are transmitted or transmitted through them. The contact between the electric contact stator and the slip ring in the conductive slip ring of the prior art basically uses the elastic stress or tensile force generated by the material properties of the stator itself to elastically contact the slip ring, but the above method is easy to change due to material properties such as crystal phase structure The elastic force is weakened and the contact is poor; there are also methods such as pressing the carbon brush on the slip ring with mechanical pressure, but the slip ring or carbon brush in this method is very easy to wear due to strong pressure and friction. Thereby greatly shortening the service life of both.

Jiujiang Ingiant provides a conductive slip ring with a simple and reasonable structure and a wide range of applications to overcome the shortcomings of the existing technology. An electrical contact device for a conductive slip ring designed according to this purpose includes a slip ring, a rotor and an electrical contact stator, characterized in that the electrical contact stator is composed of a torsion spring and a torsion spring support, and the torsion spring head end is fixed on the torsion spring support , the end of the torsion spring is elastically pressed on the slip ring and is in active contact with the slip ring. A further solution is that the slip ring is two rings coaxially sleeved on the rotor, and the two torsion springs are fixed on the same torsion spring bracket. Through the above structure, the contact opportunity and contact area between the torsion spring and the slip ring can be increased, and the conduction connection of the electrical signal or the power supply can be better ensured. A further solution is that the slip ring is a three-ring coaxially sleeved on the rotor, and three torsion springs are fixed on the same torsion spring bracket. In the transmission of electric energy, especially in the transmission process of large current, metal with good electrical conductivity (for example, silver) is generally required but the cost is relatively high, and through the above scheme, the utility model can also use common materials to achieve long Even if the torsion spring or slip ring is worn out, the torsion force of the torsion spring itself can ensure good contact between the two, which not only greatly saves costs, but also has stable performance and increased service life.

Post time: Jun-09-2022