Application of high current slip ring

The slip ring of the high-power kiln which can carry 1600A current has been successfully produced, and the rated load is up to 1000kW. In accordance with the requirements of domestic environmental protection policies, Ingiant Technology, together with several leading enterprises in the environmental protection kiln industry, has jointly developed high-power slip rings for kilns, with a current of up to 1600A per circuit and a rated load of up to 1000kW, which can work stably for a long time.

The special high current slip ring for kilns uses the accumulated technology of Ingiant Technology to produce high current slip rings for many years. The distributed brush design and special brush mechanism not only improve the current carrying capacity of the slip ring, but also reduce the current carrying capacity of the slip ring per unit area. The contact resistance is reduced, which is to reduce the heating capacity of the slip ring and reduce the energy consumption for customers. Through running in test, the contact resistance is less than 0.1 milliohm, and the resistance value is less than one tenth of that of similar high current collector ring on the market.

The large current slip ring also uses a brush compensation structure to ensure reliable contact between the brush and the ring surface under perennial working conditions. Even if the brush is worn, it can still maintain high reliable contact and low contact resistance.

The slip ring of the kiln not only provides high power current, but also provides one or more control signals for transformers, contactor switches, etc. The slip ring can realize remote control, which is safe and reliable.

Conventional kilns use chemical fuels such as coal and gas, which easily cause environmental pollution and low energy utilization. New environment-friendly rotary energy-saving kiln adopts“ The brick will not move and the kiln will rotate” It can produce all kinds of hollow bricks, insulation bricks, standard bricks and matching bricks. The kiln is composed of steel structure modules, which can adapt to thermal expansion and cold contraction, facilitate relocation from other places, and the kiln body is solid and durable, with a long service life. The kiln integrates mechanization, automation and digital intelligence technologies, and is characterized by low investment, high output, less labor, energy conservation and emission reduction, and simple operation. It can well control the temperature and humidity of the brick blank in the roasting process, so that the fired finished bricks will not be over fired or under fired.

Advantages of using large current slip rings for environment-friendly kilns

1. Small investment and high output

2. Environmental protection and obvious energy-saving effect

3. Less labor and low cost

4. Low labor intensity and good working environment

5. High yield, products in line with national standards

6. Low maintenance cost, long service life,

7. Simple operation

This slip ring has been used by many kiln equipment manufacturers, and has been operated safely and reliably in many environment-friendly kiln sites. It is hoped that more kilns can achieve energy conservation and environmental protection through slip rings. While building our home, we should try our best to reduce environmental pollution and make more contributions to environmental protection!

Post time: Oct-18-2022