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USB slip ring is designed for rotating transfer USB2.0 and USB3.0 signals. USB interface connection provide convenient interaction port. USB2.0 is widely used in various communication systems in consequence of it.



The main parameters

Number of circuits According to requirement of customers Working temperature “-40℃~+65℃"
Rated current 2A,5A,10A,15A,20A Working humidity <70%
Rated voltage 0~240 VAC/VDC Protection level IP54
Insulation resistance ≥1000MΩ @500VDC Housing material Aluminum Alloy
Insulation strength 1500 VAC@50Hz,60s,2mA Electrical contact material Precious metal
Dynamic resistance variation <10MΩ Lead wire specification Colored Teflon insulated & tinned stranded flexible wire
Rotating speed 0~600rpm Lead wire length 500mm + 20mm

USB slip ring is wire end connect with USB connectors, for transmission USB related signal/data/power. USB is the most popular PC interface today, large USB users quantity all over the world.

USB2.0 slip ring can achieve speed 480Mbps per second. With the rapid development of information system, the signal transmission rate is also put forward higher requirements. USB3.0 developed by need, the transmission rate of USB3.0 can be up to 5Gbps, USB3.0 transmission signals 10 times faster than USB2.0, Igiant devoted to develop USB3.0 slip ring.

USB3.0 is compatible with USB2.0, and has full duplex transmission, transmission speed, the advantages of USB3.o is convenient and quick.

In commercial and industrial machines and devices, there are lots of industrial network rotation communication demands. One of the most used connection type is USB connection.

Ingiant provide customized hybrid slip ring for USB and electrical power/signal transmission, the slip ring size can be compact, and low rotation torque. Gold-gold electric contact make the signal and data transmission very stable, it can be transmission with video, voice, and control signals.


Reliable transmission
No packet loss
No string code
Low return loss
Low insertion loss

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