Ingiant solid shaft slip ring for engineering stackers

Short Description:

Application filed: Robots/Turntable equipment/Amusement equipment/High-speed railway equipment/Packaging machinery/Ship offshore equipment/Construction machinery Industrial automation equipment/Medical equipment/Wind power equipment/Test equipment/Exhibition / display equipment/

Product Detail

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The main parameters

Number of circuits


Working temperature


Rated current

can be customized

Working humidity


Rated voltage

0~240 VAC/VDC

Protection level


Insulation resistance

≥1000MΩ @500VDC

Housing material

Aluminum Alloy

Insulation strength

1500 VAC@50Hz,60s,2mA

Electrical contact material

Precious metal

Dynamic resistance variation


Lead wire specification

Colored Teflon insulated & tinned stranded flexible wire

Rotating speed


Lead wire length

500mm + 20mm

 Application filed:Widely used in intelligent robots, packaging equipment, stackers, magnetic llutches, engineering machinery, Industrial automation equipment,exhibit,display equipment, hotel, Medical equipment,guesthouse revolving door control system, Turntable equipment , Construction machinery process control equipment, Amusement equipment ,defense, security, etc.


Our advantage

1) Product advantage: High quality, Cost effective,IP protection rated, High reliability low maintenance, Integration of high frequency channels , Standard units and custom design, Suitable for extreme environments, Explosion proof units, Transmission of high definition video with high frame rate, 360 degree continuous panning, Integration of rotary joints and Ethernet, Fully gimbaled systems, Twist capsule integration ,Long life.
2) Company advantage: Ingiant provides reliable and durable fluid sealing solutions for today's high-tech military and defense applications. A slip ring is an electromechanical device that allows the transmission of power and electrical signals from a stationary to a rotating structure. Also called a rotary electrical joint, to enable high speed data transmission under EMI sensitive environments, we develop a special line of slip rings. There are over 11,000 standard slip rings for you to choose from. If you can’t find a match, you can always contact us for help. Ingiant could not only provide standard industrial slip rings, but also customize different slip rings according to customer’s different requirements.
3) Excellent after-sales and technical support service: by providing high-quality products and technical services, Ingiant has a live, rich experience team can response your requests when you reach out to us for after-sales and techinical support service request, our goods are guaranteed for 12 months from date of sale,under guaranteed time non human damage, free maintenance or replacement for quality problems arising from the products. Moreover, Ingiant provides customized service to meet various demands of clients so Ingiant obtained a excellent reputation from the industry.

Factory Scene


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